Secure Payment
SSL Certificate

We use 128 bit SSL Security system for credit card purchases. With this security system, card information cannot be seen by third parties/persons during credit card transaction.


Your purchase is processed at, where the SSL secure communication protocol, having validity all over the world, is available. With this SSL security protocol, credit card information you give to the site is encrypted and sent to the bank and it is impossible to access this information during this process. No one can see your card number.


Moreover, your credit card information is agreed upon in all transfer of funds, and also through the SET protocol, which is world standard.

Credit Card Security

For the safety of our customers, the credit card information they use during shopping is not kept in our system.


When trading e-commerce, the risk of having someone else's credit card information in hand is certainly became les. When making payments daily, the credit card is given to someone else, so the confidentiality of the information on the credit card is getting out of hand.


It can be seen by other people. However, thanks to the SSL and SET security protocols, information is encrypted and transmitted during the data flow between and the bank that is agreed with.


In this way, it becomes impossible to use information if it is passed on to another person. Moreover, confidentiality of information and exchange of card security can be ensured. With this system, koray Spor cannot see your credit card information. Also, credit card holders have the right to appeal on their internet shopping as well as other purchases.